Marketing Test #2 Multiple Choice

Primary purpose of branding is:
b. To identify a product.
Branding is good for some consumers because it:
e. All of these alternatives are correct.
Branding can helps branders, because it:
e. All of these alternatives are correct.
Which of the following is NOT one of the product life cycle stages?
b. Market penetration
Strategy planning for Price is concerned with:
A. to whom and when discounts and allowances will be given.
B. how transportation costs will be handled.
C. how flexible prices will be.
D. at what level prices will be set over the product life cycle.
A flexible-price policy means offering:
D. the same product and quantities to different customers at different prices.
A __________ is a dollar amount added to the cost of products to get the selling price.
A. markup
Which of the following is NOT an example of sales promotion?
C. Secure favorable media coverage
“Personal selling”
A. Involves direct spoken communication between sellers and potential customers
Sales promotion can be aimed at:
D. Any or all of these is correct
Multiple Choice. Marketing managers should make specific strategy decisions about:
A. How many and what kind of salespeople are needed
B. How salespeople should be compensated and motivated
C. What kind of sales presentation should be used
D. How salespeople should be selected and trained
16. Multiple Choice. The three basic sales tasks are:
D. Order-taking, supporting and order-getting
Which of the following is NOT a Place decisions?
c. Recruiting, selecting and managing the sales force.
A channel of distribution:
a. Is any series of firms or individuals who participate in the flow of goods and services from producer to consumer or final user.
Physical distribution decisions may impact:
a. Location decisions.
b. Target market selection.
c. Price decisions.
d. Channel of distribution decisions.
Which of the following questions is likely to be MOST important to a customer concerning a company’s physical distribution practices?
b. How dependably does the company deliver the product?
A __________ is the complete set of firms, facilities and logistics activities that are involved in procuring materials, transforming them into intermediate or finished products and distributing them to customers:
a. Supply chain
The main difference between retailing and wholesaling is that:
d. Wholesaling involves selling mainly to other merchants and business customers, but retailing involves selling mainly to final consumers.
Which of the following is a strategy to combat consumer show rooming?
a. Integrating online and brick-and-mortar store operations.

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