Marketing stuff

Read the statements and drag each item into the correct spot within the chart.
Best price => Redbox

Best Product => Viking Stove

Best Service => Ritz-Carlton

Which of the following is not a customer value benefit?
Customer value is the unique combination of ________ in conjunction with a specific price.
Which of the following is not a common customer value strategy?
Best promotion
Suave Shampoo is recognized for using which customer value strategy?
Best price
Research suggests that firms ________ succeed by being all things to all people.
Starbucks is commonly recognized for using which customer value strategy?
Best product
Read the statements
Product => New App, Republican Candidate, Website, Lecture

Price => Tuition, Valet parking, Exchange, Rent

Place =>, Home party,, Coca-cola vending machine

Promotion => Word of mouth, Flyer, Pop-up ads, Magazine advertisements

Ben & Jerry’s creates a new flavor. It is focusing on which element of the marketing mix?
Ben & Jerry’s runs a special “Buy one, get one free” deal. This is manipulating the ________ variable.
Starbucks unveils a new instant coffee named Via.
L’Oreal offers several different types of hair coloring products
Your friend knits beautiful winter scarves that she previously had only sold through a local boutique.
Wal-Mart puts a flyer in the Sunday paper announcing price roll-backs on a number of items in the store.
Price and Promotion
Step 1- Drag and drop the bar for the appropriate era to correspond with the time frame during which that era was prevalent.
1800s to 1920s = Production Era

1920S to 1960s = Sales Era

1960s to 1980s = Marketing Concept Era

1980s to Present Day = Customer Relationship Era

Step 2

Production Era = New Automobiles

Sales Era = More Dealerships

Marketing Concept Era = Safer Minivans

Customer Relationship Era = Fusion Hybrid

Step 2
Joe’s Shoes

Production Era = Factory Improvements

Sales Era = Increased Competition

Marketing Concept Era = Different Use of Shoes

Customer Relationship Era = Shoes Website

Which of the following describes the marketing concept era?
It places marketing at the beginning of the production cycle.
Which of the following is not a component of a market orientation?
Under producing to create demand
What is the current stage of market orientation?
Customer Relationship
The business philosophy of “produce as much as you can, because people will buy it” would best describe the _______ era.
Goods were _____ and buyers were willing to accept virtually any goods that were available to them during the production era.
During the sales era, which of the following occurred?
Firms hired new sales people to find new buyers
Which of the following describes the marketing concept era 2?
An organization should strive to satisfy the needs of consumers
Which of the following is not a component of a market orientation 2?
Hiring more salespeople
What is the time frame associated with the customer relationship era?
From the late 1980s until the current time
The ________ era differs from the previous eras because it emphasizes long-term customer perceptions.
Customer relationship
Roll over each strategy to read its description.
Business Traveler Segment

Product strategy = Luxury Cars

Price strategy = Premium

Promotion strategy =Gold club

Place strategy =Airport Hubs

Roll over each strategy to read its description 2.
Leisure Traveler Segment

Product strategy = SUV/Minivan

Price strategy = Saver

Promotion strategy = Free Car Seat

Place strategy = Park Access

Firms can gain loyal customers by focusing on ________
customer value
________ links the organization to its individuals customers
relationship marketing
After marketing managers have a concept for a product the firm might develop to meet a customer need
marketing program
Gregory is the marketing manager at a local travel agency.
marketing mix
Quicksilver sells its line of clothing and accessories primarily to young
target market
A new pizza shop wants to attract customers.
price strategy
Jiffy Lube understands that its customers are very busy
customer value
Some business-to-business transactions can involve values well into the six figure range.
relationship marketing
A _______ is the plan that integrates the marketing mix to provide a good service, or idea to a prospective buyer.
marketing program
When Honda offers 0 percent financing with the purchase of a new Accord, it is altering the price element of the _______.
marketing mix
Chico’s is a women’s clothing retailer that features sophisticated, comfortable, stylish lines of clothing and accessories
target market
A new pizza shop opened a short walk from campus over the summer.
promotion strategy
__________ is the unique combination of benefits received by targeted buyers that includes quality
customer value
______ involves a personal, ongoing relationship between an organization and its individual customers that begins before and continues well after the sale
relationship marketing
Dell understood from its marketing research that its customers wanted a lightweight solution for mobile computing.
marketing program
When a company decides to begin advertising on a local cable channel,
marketing mix
The company that Josh works for sells medical equipment designed primarily for the elderly.
target market
A new pizza shop is trying to attracy customers in a very competitive college market. To target more health-concious students
product stategy
The first objective in marketing which inspired 3M to develop the combination highlighter/flag product is
discovering consumer needs
New product developers at 3M create new products to satisfy a consumer _______
3M determined that it could sell its Post-It Flag Highlighters to both students and office workers. Therefore, students and office workers are 3M’s
target market
The unique combination of benefits that users receive from 3M’s Flag Highlighter such as durability and convenience is known as
customer value
Students who would use 3M Flag Highlighters to help them study for exams would be an example of a(n) ________.
ultimate customer
Expanding the number of colors available in the 3M Flag Highlighter line is an example of a(n) ________.
product strategy
By producing the Post-it Flag Pen, 3M was creating
form utility
When 3M develops new products that satisfy the needs of consumers while trying to achieve organization’s goals, 3M is applying the ______
marketing concept
3M attempted to reach the ultimate consumer market by targeting
3M attempted to reach the organizational buyer market by targeting:
3M’s distribution of its products through college bookstores to reach students would be representative of which marketing mix element?
Which of the following represents the product element of the marketing mix for 3M?
Offering Post-It flags
A key rationale for 3M’s price strategy was to:
set prices that provide genuine value
Which of the following represents the promotion elements of the marketing mix for 3M?
Running advertisements in college newspapers
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