Marketing Strategies Practice

The Element of Marketing that refers to the various forms of communication that marketers use to persuade, inform, or remind customers of their product is….?
A consideration for the product element of marketing?
A consideration for a place element of marketing?
choice of distribution channels
The element of marketing that requires marketers to determine the amount of money that they will ask in exchange for their product is….?
A commonly used promotional element?
sales promotion
If a marketer changed the product element, why would the other marketing elements need to be changed?
the elements are interrelated
The element of marketing that is concerned with what goods, services, or ideas a business will offer its customer is…..?
The element of marketing that is concerned with having the selected product at the right place at the right time is….?
Since basically each marketing activity can fit into one of the 4 P’s, the marketing mix is used as a framework for….?
marketing planning
What does not affect strategies?
unchanged economic conditions
Marketing strategies and tactics must always be planned and implemented with the ___________ in mind.
The key elements of marketing are refereed to as….?
4 p’s or marketing
Specific actions that marketers take to carry out their plan of action are known as marketing…..?
A marketing plan of action to achieve objectives is known as a marketing….?
Things that businesses want to attain are known as…..?
The combination of the four elements of marketing is known as the…..?
marketing mix
What is a consideration in the price element of marketing?
“should the business offer discounts?”
Why is the marketing mix important for marketing strategies ?
preparation of marketing strategies
Marketing strategies are important to a business because they……?
give direction to an organization’s marketing goals
One of the following true statements.
a company’s marketing mix can change

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