Marketing Research Chapter 13

data preparation
converting information from surveys or other data sources so it can be used in statistical analysis
data preparation process 4 approaches
1. data validation
2. editing and coding
3. data entry
4. data tabulation
the quality of a report that is related to its accuracy, believabiltiy, and professional organization
clear and logical thinking, precise expression and accurate presentation
Reports are written to reflect three levels or readers
1. readers who will read only the executive summary
2. readers who will read the executive summary and look at the body of findings more closely
3. readers with some technical expertise, who may read the entire report and look to the appendix for more detailed information
executive summary includes:
research objectives
concise statement of method
summary of key findings
conclusion of recommendations
what does the title page indicate?
the subject of the report and the name of the recipient, along with his or her position and organization
what must the title page contain?
the name, position, employing organization, address, telephone number of the person or persons submitting the report and the date the report is submitted
executive summary
the most important part of the report, it presents the major points, it must be complete enough to provide a true representation of the document but in summary form
purposes of the executive summary
to convey how and why the research was undertaken, to summarize the key findings, to suggest future actions
contains background information and the study’s scope and emphasis are communicated in the introduction
methods and procedures section
communicates how the research was conducted, reports writers both present and interpret the results
weaknesses in research methodology that might affect confidence in research conclusions
a section following the main body of the report used to house complex, detailed, or technical information
common problems in preparing the marketing research report
1. lack of data interpretation
2. unnecessary use of complex statistics
3. emphasis on packaging instead of quality
4. lack of relevance
5. placing too much emphasis on a few statistics
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