Marketing Quiz 5

The process that first determines what information managers need and then gathers, sorts, analyzes, stores, and distributes relevant and timely marketing information to system users is called what?
Marketing information system
An ____________ is an internal corporate communication network that uses Internet technology to link company departments, employees, and databases.
Futurists try to imagine different _________, or possible future situations that might occur and assign a level of probability to each.
____________ is the process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data about customers, competitors, and the business environment to improve marketing effectiveness.
Marketing research
Which of the following is not an example of a syndicated research firm that a business might purchase services from?

Nielsen’s TV ratings
Arbitron’s radio ratings
A firm’s own research findings
An outside company’s research findings

A firm’s own research findings
___________ is the process in which analysts sift through massive amounts of data to identify unique patterns of behavior among different customer groups.
Data mining
Which of the following is not one of the important applications for marketers doing data mining?

Customer acquisition
Customer retention
Customer abandonment
All of the above are important applications

All of the above
Which of the following is not one of the steps of the Marketing Research Process?

Define the problem
Determine the Research Design
Solicit syndicated research firms
Collect the data

Solicit syndicated research firms
Defining the problem has three components. They are specify the research objectives, identify the consumer population of interest, and _____________.
Placing the problem in an environment context
Research data that has previously been gathered is called what type of data?
Secondary data
Primary data includes all types of data including each of the following except which one?

Psychological data
Customers’ opinions
All of the above are types of primary data.

All of the above
Exploratory research is useful to determine each of the following topics except which one?

Ideas for new strategies
Ideas for new opportunities
Better ways to handle problems

_________ are one-on-one discussions where an individual shares his/her thoughts in person with a researcher.
Consumer interviews
_________ are used to get at people’s underlying feelings, especially when they think people will be unable to express their true reactions.
Projective techniques
The process of an anthropologist “living with the natives” to find out more about them is called what?
Descriptive research is typically expressed in __________ terms, such as averages and percentages.
Causal research attempts to understand cause and effect relationships. One technique used in this research is what?
__________ are used to measure traces of physical evidence that remain after some action has taken place, when they suspect that people will probably alter their behavior if they know they are being observed.
Unobtrusive measurements
Three factors influence the quality of research results. They are each of the following except which one?

All of the above are factors

All of the above
__________ are text files inserted by an Internet site sponsor into an internet user’s hard drive when the user connects with the site.
A marketing intelligence system is a method by which marketers get information about everyday happenings in the marketing environment.
Marketing research is a process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data about the efforts of a foreign firm in an industry.
A marketing decision support system includes analysis and interactive software that allows managers to come up with new products.
One of the four important applications of marketers for using data mining is customer retention.
The first, and the most important, step in the Marketing Research Process is define the problem.
Research design specifies what information marketers will collect and what type of study they will do.
Primary data is data that has already been collected and is part of the company’s management information system.
Exploratory research is used to generate topics for future, more rigorous studying, ides for new strategies and opportunities, or perhaps just to get a better handle on a problem they are currently experiencing with a product.
Qualitative data is the type of information a marketer would receive concerning customers’ attitudes, feelings, and buying behavior in the form of words rather than numbers.
A focus group is the technique marketing researchers use most often for collecting exploratory data.
Cross-sectional designed research involves the systematic collection of quantitative information from one or more samples of respondents at one point in time.
Due to the anthrax scare of 2001, more people are willing to open letters to do mail questionnaires from companies.
Face-to-face interviews are more successful in retrieving information if they are conducted over the telephone.
The three factors that influence the quality of research results are validity, reliability, and representativeness.
A non-probability sample entails the use of personal judgment in selecting respondents – some cases just asking whomever they can find.
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