Marketing Promotion Vocabulary

any paid form of nonpersonal presentation of ideas, images, goods, services
2. Banner Advertisements
promotional messages appearing on the internet, usually at the top of websites
3. Bus/Car wrap
a for of out-of-home advertising; involves partially or completely covering a vehicle (mobile billboard)
4. Convenience Products
good and services purchased quickly and without much thought or effort
5. Customers
the people who buy goods and services
6. Dealer Incentive
a limited-time discount offered by a manufacturer to its intermediaries to prompt them to purchase and/or further promote the manufacturers products to customers
7. Direct Mail
promotional medium that comes to customers in the form of a postcard, letter, fax, folder, catalog, email
8. Image
the way something is viewed
9. Institutional Promotion
a type of promotion that aims to create a certain image in the eyes of customers; also known as corporate promotion
10. Marketing Mix
the combination of the four elements of marketing – product, place, promotion, and price
11. Merchandising Allowance
a price reduction offered to intermediaries; often used to entice intermediaries to purchase a particular product or to reimburse intermediaries for their marketing costs
12. Paid Listings
online advertisements that appear near the tope of search engine results; may appear to the right of regular listings; often referred to as “sponsored” or “featured” results
13. Patronage Promotion
a type of institutional promotion designed to promote a firms features
14. Pay Per Click Link
an online advertisement placed by advertisers who pay their web host a fixed amount each time someone clicks the ad
15. Position
image or impression of a business or organization that consumers have in their minds
16. Primary Product Promotion
a type of product promotion intended to stimulate demand for an entire class of goods or services
17. Product Placement
a type of “other” media that uses products as props in movies, television shows, and computer games
18. Product Promotion
a type of promotion that aims to persuade customers to buy a good or service
19. Promotion
a marketing function needed to communicate information about goods, services, images, or ideas to achieve a desired outcome
20. Promotional Mix
a combination, or blend of marketing communication channels that a business uses to send its messages to customers (advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, and publicity
21. Public Relations Promotion
a type of institutional promotion that informs customers about noncontroversial issues that are in the publics interest
22. Publicity
any nonpersonal presentation of ideas, goods, or services that is not paid for by the company or individual that benefits from, or is harmed by it
23. Pull Strategy
a promotional strategy that involves a producer promoting its products directly to the ultimate consumer or industrial user
24. Push Strategy
a promotional strategy that involves a producer promoting its products to intermediaries
25. Search Engine Listing
an online advertisement appearing in a list of websites generated by a search engine in response to key words
26. Secondary Product Promotion
a kind of product promotion intended to stimulate demand for a particular brand of product
27. Shopping Products
goods and services purchased after the customers compare goods and stores in order to get the best quality, price, and/or service
28. Specialty Products
goods and services with special or unique characteristics that customers are willing to exert special efforts to obtain

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