marketing practice test

which actions represent the facilitating functions of marketing
standardizing and Grading
a sporting company is developing a marketing plan. which two statements represent the Strategic level for this plan
the company leadership wants to inspire people to get outdoors more often. The company leadership seeks to expand distribution to retail specialty shops.
an outdoor clothing company is revising its marketing plan and wants to emphasize sales promotion strategies. Which goal of this marketing plan is considered strategic
enhance dealer effectiveness
the owner of a sandwich shop is trying to increase business. There is a grocery store with a Deli nearby the sandwich shop owner decides to advertise by using Flyers at area schools and businesses. Which type of competition does this illustrate
what is the purpose of competitive analysis in a social media marketing plan
to evaluate the platforms and tools other company select
a car rental company has a website allowing customers to make Advance reservations, verify car availability, and check pricing. how does the website help the rental company influence customers
by using right time marketing
which interpersonal Factor will greatly influence a family’s decision to buy a new car
social status
after conducting research, what will the consumer do next as part of the consumer decision process
evaluate the alternatives
a gas station owner has decided to add a fresh fruit stand to the convenience store. Because the owner does not want to rely too heavily on a limited number of suppliers, the owner is considering obtaining the fruit from several local farmers
a financial services firm wants to develop marketing materials targeted toward new college graduates. which segmentation approach will meet the firm’s needs
concentrated marketing
which is one of the four steps in the marketing segmentation process
developing a relevant profile for each segment
a popular soft drink manufacturing company wants to determine if the taste of a soft drink is affected by a new sugar substitute compared to the existing sweetener. A group of participants are asked to assess the taste of the soft drink with the existing sweetener and with new sugar substitute. The results are compared to determine if a difference exists in The Taste between the two types of sweeteners. Which research method is used
controlled experiment
during which phase of the product life cycle does a company try to get new customers to adopt its new products
which marketing channel is used for products with large unit sales where Transportation only accounts for a small percentage of the total cost
producer to agent to business user
which type of conflict occurs between channel members at the same marketing level
in which type of vertical Marketing System does a single owner run an organization at each stage of the marketing channel
how does marketing Communications differ from integrated marketing Communications
marketing Communications addresses relationships between buyers and sellers
which advertising objective is effective during both the growth stage and early part of the maturity stage of the product life cycle
a local Chocolate Company manager wants to attract new customers and decides to use social media instead of broadcast media. Which factor is this manager emphasizing
availability of budget
which selling activity describes a products major feature and relates them to customers problems
a farmer selling apples at a farmers market assesses competing Apple Sellers and notes that all the apples are approximately the same in color and Quality. which method for determining the price will the farmer use
potential demand
which Market structure does a store compete and if it sells well differentiated products at brick-and-mortar stores
monopolistic competition

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