personal selling
2 way flow of communication between a buyer or buyers and a seller that is designed to influence the buyer’s purchase decision
list value added from personal selling
1. educating and providing advice
2. saving the customer time and simplifying buying for customers
3. builds long-term strategic relationships with customers
4 reasons when selling is superior to advertising
1. buyers are geographically concentrated
2. products are expensive, complex, or customized
3. prices are relatively high
4. channels are relatively short
steps in personal selling process
1. generate and qualify leads
2. preapproach and use of CRM systems
3. sales presentation and overcoming reservations
4. closing the sale
5. follow-up
generating and qualifying leads
– creating list of potential customers and assessing their potential
– in B2B situations, qualifying leads is done during conferences or chamber of commerce meetings, or otherwise through cold calls /through the internet
preapproach and use of CRM systems
occurs prior to meeting the customer for the first time and extends the qualification of leads procedure
– conducts additional research and develops plans for meeting with the customer
CRM systems
customer relationship management system which has databases about customers, transaction info, and customer preferences info
sales presentations and overcoming reservations
presentation helps establish exactly where the customer is in his/her buying process
opportunity for salesperson to solidify the customer relationship through great service quality
5 dimensions of follow-ups
1. reliability of product
2. responsiveness to problems and issues
3. assurance that product works well
4. empathy
5. tangibles – packaging and stuff
situations when selling is better than advertising
1. buyers are geographically concentrated and in lower numbers
2. products are really expensive, technically complex, custom made, need special handling requirements and difficult transactions
3. prices are relatively high (or have higher margins)
4. channels are relatively short
3 types of selling methods
1. traditional sales
2. consultative sales
3. relationship selling
traditional sales
– sales focus is to understand your product
– consumers role is prospective
– salespersons approach is persuasion
consultative sales
– sales focus is to understand consumer’s problems
– consumer’s role is target
– salesperson’s approach is problem solving
relationship selling
– sales focus is to understand customer’s business or lifestyle
– consumer’s role is the asset of the business
– salesperson’s approach is partnering

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