Marketing: Nike Case Study

What are the details of Nikes
a. Marketing Budget
b. Worth of its endorsement committees
c. what percentage of annual revenues is Nikes edorsement budget
a. 2.7 billion
b. worth 4 billion
c. 15% of annual revenues of 24 billion
How have Nikes Revenues changed in the last decade?
they’ve nearly doubled from 10.7 billion in 2003
What is Nikes Market share in running and basketball?
a. running 60% Market Share
b. 90% in basektball
What is NIKES marketing strategy?
Nike dosent sell shoes, or even athletes, as much as it buys and sells stories, narratives, fairy tales. They arent a shoe company as much as a giant abstraction- a condition of the aspirational mind.
Why did NIKE bring Tiger woods onto they’re endorsement campaign?
Tiger Woods, Nike brought him aboard because he was a potentially transformative star who had the ability to break down racial barriers in the worlds most staid sport.
How does Pistorius fit perfectly into Nike’s view of the world?
That the most powerful thing one can sell isn’t comfort, stylish performance sportswear, its the concept of possibility.
How was NIKE effected by all the negative publicity of they’re spokes people
a. Revenues more than doubled in past decade
b. “Athletes are human and they make mistakes but we still believe they inspire people and continue to do so everyday” -Nike Spokesperson
Can Nike’s strategy succeed indefinitely as the company veers from one catastrophe to the next?
a. “Biggest lesson to learn, that they really arent heros”
b. embarrassment/ shame will set in and customers will go elsewhere
How is Nike’s marketing defined as a “condition of the aspirational mind”
a. buys/sells stories, narratives and fairy tells
b. people want to be like these athletes- a symbol of overcoming obsticles
c. Stories are the currency of the business
d. sell the concept of possibility
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