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Also used In this report will be smoothie drinks and It will be part of the marketing mix) The product itself is part of the marketing mix because if the product is unique and offers quite a few benefits then it will help the marketers in selling it, also the fact that the product has what juice drinkers looking for, for example they will be looking for good taste, good health and part of their five a day including additional benefits such as a good source of vitamin c, all these factors help the product be the best it can be and help It sell In the shelves of supermarkets.

Promotion The promotion of the Juice Is done In many different ways, one of the most used Is advertising but their other forms of indirect advertising such as sponsorship are also methods of promotion. For innocent the promotion element was very important because they were unknown in the market because they were a new start-up so they marketed their product quite heavily and managed to get their product into a major supermarket which extended their reach nationally and enabled them to advertise on TV, newspapers and major banners on the highways. Eye have today. Over the years their promotion has helped them increase market share and compete Price The 3 founders of innocent found it surprisingly easy to break into major outlets even though their retail prices were as high as E for a small, 200 ml bottle. By 2002/2003 sales had risen to Ell million a year and the future looked very bright. Then things became a bit tougher. The smoothie market had been originated in Britain in 1994 by a company called ‘PC’.

Stung by Innocent’s success, in 2003 PC Smoothies were promoted more heavily, tabulating their market leading position. Then the major supermarkets started offering own-label smoothies. With a Deco’s own-label bottle at El . 39, it would be much harder to charge El . 99 so innocent had to fight on price with competitors and keep growing but they focused on Justifying thus making it a very good product which helped it sell at the high end of the price graph.

A pro of having a high price is people automatically assume it is a good brand and this help in the marketing because they are seen as quality providers in public so hen innocent launch a cheaper alternative they will not find it difficult to sell to people with tighter budgets. People The people behind the brand are well known in the public, they are two former university students who after leaving university, Richard Reed, Adam Balloon and Jon Wright decided to try their own business, selling fresh fruit smoothies.

The idea started when they spent IEEE on strawberries and bananas, they went to a festival and got feedback of their smoothies from the public, in the end they got amazing feedback and set up their business so it’s evident that the people behind he company are passionate about the business and have helped raise funds for the start-up and market the business, also they are famous for creating a very good environment to work in (image below) which helps the people in creativity and work productivity and this is a marketing edge which is used when innocent promote their products, they are very happy to publicist the work environment which innocent provides them.

The exterior appearance of innocent packaging is very attractive and overall the company projects a very attractive feel for the organization, even the headquarter alluding of innocent are very well designed and the work place is very clean and attractive and this projects a very good image of the company and in marketing terms a very good proposition to the customer. The logos on bottles is very well designed and the graphic fruit images does not hinder in the marketing mix, the packaging delivers a very fresh and exciting look to the customers as much as the fruits themselves. Place The distribution channel is always very important because we all the marketing in the world if people can’t purchase your product then it pretty pointless so it’s vital hat innocent are available in a lot of stores, they are available in tests, sad and Kingsbury and together these stores have 80% of market share in the I-J so in essence they are very well placed and this gives them a marketing advantage.

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