Marketing Management Orientations (CONCEPTS)

Production Concept
High availability lower price. Mass production. Industrial Revolution. Reduce production costs. more people will buy!
EX: McDonald’s and Ford Assembly Line Production
Product Concept
High-quality product. a belief that customers want most quality, performance, or innovative features.
can be a mousetrap !!!
EX: Gillete Razor blades or Area 51 gaming desktop
Selling Concept
convince the customer to buy through advertisement. if left alone customer will NOT buy enough. linked to great depression
EX: unsought products like life insurance
Marketing Concept
Find a need and fill it better than competitors! purpose shift from manufacturing to satisfying costumers needs. CUSTOMER IS KING!! start 1950-middle class rise.
EX: Burger King
Holistic Marketing Concept
Everyone counts. society’s well-being in the long-run into consideration in making marketing decisions.
EX: chipotle, Stony field yogurt- Working for healthy food, healthy people, and a healthy planet

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