Marketing Information Systems and Marketing Research

Marketing Information and Customer Insights
Marketers must gain fresh deep insights into what customers need and want to create value for customers
Marketing Information system
Consists of people, equipment, and procedures to gether sort analyze and evalute needed timely accurate information to marketing decision makers
Assessing information needs
information system balances information that mangers would like to have against information that they need and is feasible to obtain
Developing information
Information needed by marketing managers can be obtained from internal company records, marketing itelligence, and marketing reasearch
Internal data/Guest information management
Internal data consists of information gathered from sources within the company to evulate marketing performance
Marketing intelligence
everyday information about developments in the marketing environment that helps managers adjust short term tactics
Internal sources
include the comapnies exceutives, owners, and employees
External source
include competitors, government agencies, suppliers, trade, magazines, newspapaer, busniess magazines
sources of competitive information
avable from competito annual reports, trade magznesm speeches, press releases, brochures
marketing research
identifies/defines marketing opportunities and problems, monitors and evalutes marketing actions and communicates the findings to managments, it feeds info to the marketing info system
Marketing research process
define the problem, research objectives, develope a research plan, implement research plan, then evaluate plan
3 steps to Defining the problem
Exploratory: gather info to develope problem Descriptive: describe size and composition of the market Causal: test hypothesis about cause and efect relationships
Developing the research plan fr collecting information
Determine needs, gather secondary info, research approached, contact methods
Determining specific information needs
research objectives must be translated into specific info needs, researches can gather from primary and secondary sources
Secondary source
consists of info in existence somewhere for another purpose
primary source
consisted of information collected for the specific purpose at hand
Gather secondary info
info in existence somewhere for another purpose, can be obtained more quickly and at a lower cost[
researches approaches
observations, surverys, and experiements
gather primary data by observing relevant people, action, situations
survey research
best suited to gathering descriptive info
experimental research
best suited to gather casual info
Contact methods
can be collected by mail, telephone, or personal interview
Sample plan
desining the sample calls for who will be surveryed how many people will be surveyed how tshould the sample be chosen and when will the survey begin
Ethnographic research
Involes sending trained professionals to observe people in their natural habitat
Research instruments
the interview (structured and unstructered), the mechanical devices, and structured models such as a test market
presenting the research plan
summarize the plan in a written proposal
implementing the research plan
putting the plan into action by analyzing, collecting, and processing the information
interpret and report the fndings
draw conclusions from the findings and report them to mangement
information analysis
information gathered by the company that can benefit from the addition analysis, what if and which is best
distrubting information
information gathered must reach the appropriate market managers at the right time
internation marketing research
Still find a problem create a rresearch plan implement the plan and report the results. but they have more problems
Managers of small busnesses
can obtain good marketing info by obeserving what occurs around them
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