Marketing: Global Marketing Concepts [Examples]

Adaptation in International Marketing
Chinese consumers generally do not like the taste of cheese because it has never been part of traditional cuisine. So Cheetos, the bright orange and cheesy-tasting snack from PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay, do not have a cheese taste in China.
Standardization in International Marketing
A very successful standardized campaign was the promotion of Marlboro cigarettes. The theme “Come to where the flavor is: Come to Marlboro country” was a worldwide success.
Comparative Advantage
India is strong in software by achieving economies of scale in training its work force and in the production process itself. Thus, India acquires the income to import other goods that meet the needs of the population.
The meaning of “fast food” in the United States is quite different from its meaning in other cultures. McDonald’s and Pizza Hut are perceived in some cultures as trendy, fashionable places.
3M is one of the world’s great multinational operations. 3M generates billions of dollars in exports. The company often uses its exports to establish an initial presence in a foreign market.
International Marketing
In the Middle East, McDonald’s sells the McArabia, a chicken sandwich on Arabian-style bread. In France, it markets the Croque McDo, a hot ham and cheese sandwich.
Global Marketing
Castrol, the motor oil and lubricant manufacturer, has one of the best global lubricant brands in the world.

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