Marketing generation cohorts

There are four major generations, which?
Mature, Boomer (1946-1964), Gen X(1965-1976), Gen Y (Millenials), Gen Z( born 1990´s or 2000´s).
What are the four categories of Boomers?
1. Ageless Explorers
2. Comfortable contents
3. Live-for-todays.
4. Sick-and-tireds (Largest group 32%)
Generation X was the first generation that came home to an empty house?
How often do millenials check their smartphones per day in average?
43 times…
What are the different value Paradigms for the generational cohords?
Boomers – us
Gen X- I
Gen Y- All
What rates are skyrocketing in Gen X?
Divorce rates.
What is Generation Z also known as?
What generation will be the fastest growing generation in both workplace and marketplace?
Gen Z.

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