Marketing Final: Integrated Marketing Communication

What is promotion
the communication link between sellers and buyers to influence, inform or persuade a buyer’s purchase decision
What is the promotion mix?
Advertising, personal selling, Public Relations, and sales promotion (APPS)
What is integrated marketing communications?
the coordination of promotion and marketing efforts for maximum impact.
What are the goals of IMC?
to send a CONSISTENT message to customer, COORDINATE promotional efforts to be logically connected, Synchronization to create a greater overall campaign(COMPLEMENTARY), and use more precisely targeted promotional tools over time(CONTINUOUS))
Quick examples of IMC?
Taco bell giving free tacos for every stolen base, Snickers, Be more like a dog
What are the two general promotion strategies?
Push and Pull
What is the push promotion strategy?
promoting product only to the next institution down the marketing channel (producer to wholesaler, wholesaler to retailer, retailer to consumer)
examples of push promotion?
Trade shows or Personal selling, free trials, discounts
What is push money?
“spiffs”- extra commission paid to retail employees to push products
What is the pull promotion strategy?
Promoting a product directly to consumers to develop strong demand that pulls products through the marketing channel. (directly to customers)
examples of pull promotion?
kid’s toys, coupons, rebates, loyalty programs, contests
what is communication process?
the exchange of information between two or more people
in the communication process, messages are sent through
channels(letters, email, in person)
what are the elements of the communication process(6)
1. the SENDER (source; company, salesmen, celebrity) has the information to really to the receiver. they ENCODE(give meaning to) the information in order to DEVELOP THE INFO. Once they know what MEDIA(in person, email, memo) they will use to deliver the message, they receiver will DECODE (interpret) the message and give FEEDBACK
who is the source?
the person or organization that has information to share
What does a Q-score consider?
Level of familiarity(% who have heard of them)/ # of respondents who favor the celebrity.
What is encoding?
the process of putting words, thoughts, and messages into symbolic form in such a way that they will be understood by the receiver/consumer. (symbols are good for this)
What is the channel?
how the communication trails from the source to the receiver
What are the two types of channels?
Non-personal and personal
What is a non personal channel?
No personal contact with the consumer
What is personal channel?
involves direct contact
what are examples of non personal channel?
print and broadcast
what are examples of personal channel?
direct selling, salespeople, WOM, buzz marketing
What is buzz marketing?
A subset of “viral marketing” where companies hire socially active consumers promote products to their friends, relatives, and acquaintances (consumers are unaware that the person is on payroll)
what is decoding?
the process of transforming the message back into thought (the internet pecker)
what is the noise?
anything that interferes with or distorts the message
what is the key for decoding?
resembling the encoded message
what is the response model?
Describe the process that receivers must go through before a desired behavior occurs.
What are the stages of the response model
cognitive stage, affective, and behavioral
what is the cognitive stage?
“the thinking stage” – where the receiver becomes aware of the message
what is the affective stage?
the “feelings” stage – where the receiver forms a liking or preference for the ad object
what is the behavioral stage?
the “doing” stage – where the receiver acts on the preference
what is the AIDA model
a response model that is developed for personal selling the represents the stages a salesperson must take a customer through to induce purchase (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action)

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