Marketing Final – Cal Poly

The 4E Framework on Social Media
1. Excite the customer with relevant offers (ex. rewards when walk into staples)
2. Educate them about the offering
3. Help them Experience products.
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4. Give them an opportunity to Engage with their social network.
Social Network Sites
Facebook, Linkedln, Google+
Media Sharing Sites
Instagram, Youtube
Thought sharing sites
Blogs, Twitter
American Marketing Association
a planning process designed to assure that all brand contacts received by a customer or prospect for a product, service, or organization are relevant to that person and consistent over time.
AIDA Concept
Information Advertising
seeks to develop initial demand
Persuasive Advertising
Attempts to increase demand for an existing product
Reminder Advertising
Strives to reinforce previous promotion by keeping the name of the product before the market
Advertising & Product Life Cycle***
Public Relations
Firms communications and relationships with its various publics
Stimulation of demand for good, service, place, idea, person, or organization by unpaid placement of news or favorable media presentations.
Unique Selling/Value Proposition****
Integrated marketing Communications
represents the promotion of the 4 p’s
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