Marketing Essentials–Chapter 28

marketing research
the marketing function that links the consumer, customer and the public to the marketer through information.
marketing information system
a set of procedures and methods that regularyly generates, stores, analyzes, and distributes marketing information for use in making marketing decisions.
a collection of related information (data) about a specific topic.
attitude research
also known as opinion research; designed to learn how people feel about certain product, ideas, or companies.
market research
research that is primarily concerned with the sizes, location, and makeup of the market for a particular product or service
sales forecasting
an effort to estimate the sales of a product
economic forecasting
an attempt to predict the future economic conditions of a city, region country or other part of the world
media research
research that is focused on issues of media selection and frequency; it measures the effectiveness of the advertising message and the media placement
product research
research that centers on evaluating product design, package design, product usage, and consumer acceptance of new and existing products.
test marketing
this occurs when a new product is placed in one or more selected geographic areas

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