Marketing DECA

when was DECA founded?
what does DECA stand for?
distributive education of america club.
define DECA brand?
Education and entrepreneurs , Also to prepare emerging leaders
explain how you can and can not use DECA logos?
Do not modify or alter none of the colors or font.
What is DECA’s mission statement?
DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management.
What are DECA’s guiding principles?
Decas guiding principles explain how we fulfill our mission
What are DECAs attributes?
We value competence, innovation, integrity and teamwork
who governs DECA?
How many regions does DECA have? What are their names? Which region are we in?
They have 4 regions and the names western region ,central region, North Atlantic region, and southern region. Also we are the southern region.
How many members and chapters are there in DECA?
There are 21500 members and 3500 chapters. and 275 college chapters
Who is our Regional Vice President and what state is she from?
Her name is Victoria meng, And she is from Texas.
What are Chapter Campaigns? Give two examples of campaigns and explain what you must do to participate in them.
Community service campaign must have one or more documents of community services activities,
What are the six categories of Competitive Events?
Business management administration, entrepreneurship, Marketing, finance, hospitality(tourism), and Personal Financial Literacy.
What are the three categories of Educational Conferences?
1.leadership conferences
2. career pathways conferences
3. career development
When and where is the Ultimate DECA Power Trip?
November 18-20 Washington DC
When and where is the 2017 International Career Development Conference?
April 26-29 Anaheim
Who are some DECA partners found locally?
1. Finish Line
2. Chipotle
3. Walgreens
What Recognition Award is available to all DECA Seniors? What are the criteria?
Emerging Leader honor award
2. Must be a Deca member
3. Be a senior
Describe DECA’s scholarship program. When is the deadline? Who are some of the local partners who provide scholarships for DECA members?
1. The scholarship program offers over $300,000 for scholarships for all Deca members.
2. January 15, 2016
What are the three DECA Video Challenges? Describe each and give the deadline for each.
Deca Idea challenge this challenge involves on making your way up to being a entrepreneurship

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