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Nintendo’s Wii video game console is the fifth video console after its predecessor the Nintendo GameCube that is launched by the video game company. The Wii is considered the the most versatile of video game consoles that the Nintendo empire has released.

Nintendo claims that Wii’s demographic reach transcends those of Sony’s Playstation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360. The Nintendo Wii is the latest major player in the video game console rivalry that is deemed the 7th generation of video game console systems.

This paper aims to discuss the marketing objectives of the Nintendo Wii, as well as analyze its marketing communications used to launch and promote the product. Product Overview The Nintendo Wii is the the video game mogul’s latest foray in the video game console wars that has been dominated by Sony’s Playstation console in recent years. The Wii, which sells for $250, was released last year in November.

The Nintendo Wii has a system, which will support a plethora of “Wii Channels”.

Wii Channels offer a bevy of functions including news channels, shopping sites, and weather updates, which are ready for downloading. Nintendo Wii’s thrust is the rooted from the conviction that the future of gaming is to bring back the very notion of gaming to the masses. The Wii is considered user-friendly due to the fact that its gives players the freedom to move without the nuisance of carrying a controller with a handful of pesky buttons.

Wii features a hand-held wireless controller that players can wield from just anywhere.

The controller resembles a television’s remote control without the unnecessary buttons. Nintendo’s premier designer, Shigeru Miyamoto, has cited that Nintendo intends to make their latest video game console “intuitive” for video game enthusiasts, as well as neophytes in the gaming experience. With this in mind, industry pundits are speculating that the Nintendo Wii is target market is not limited to video game enthusiasts alone, but for adults especially the one who are most of the time spend their day at home.

A notion that suggests that the Wii is not a mere video game console; geriatrics will be playing Wii Sudoku or browse Wii Channels to keep them occupied at home. Nintendo expects profit margins will increase eventually as soon as the Wii will hit stores. (Bizreport, 2006 ). Product Analysis of Nintendo Wii Advantages: The controller design and interfaces features user-friendly motion sensitive options. Wii has Wi-Fi capabilities as well, which features online gameplay and internet services. The console has a striking resemblamce to GameCube games and controllers that brings a nostalgic appeal.

Furthermore, built-in SD slot for storage and photo viewing. Lastly, in the tradition of Super Mario Bros. , Wii Sports game is considered to be the cheapest game available yet most patronized among Wii games . Disadvantages: Since the Wii controller is considered the most versatile of controllers in video game land, the Wii controller needs batteries that drains it eventually. Furthermore, longtime gamers will take time to get used to the Wii controller due to its unconventional interface.

Its online gaming and community features are hampered by the friends code system, which is not that friendly. The Wii lacks the advanced HD graphics, as well as the surround sound system that Sony’s Playstation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 offers. Wii controllers is really its downside, it should be noted that a wired receiver unit is required in order to interface with cordless controllers. Lastly, its major downside is that the console is not able to play DVD’s or CD’s of any kind.

Analysis: Obviously, the Nintendo Wii is lacks the graphic prowess and sophisticated media features of Sony’s Playstation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360. However, the charisma of Nintendo Wii is in its motion-sensitive and often-times user-friendly controller called the “Wiimote”. Fun and enjoyable gameplay is its main enticement to video games enthusiasts, which makes the affordable console a hit among children and adults alike (CNET, 2006). System Speculations: Product Description: Nintendo Wii – Game console; Media Type: Nintendo GAMECUBE disc, Nintendo Wii disc; Processor: IBM PowerPC

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