Marketing Chapter 19 Review

Promotional Advertising
When the goal is to increase sales.
Institutional Advertising
Creates a favorable image for a company and fosters goodwill in the marketplace.
The agencies, means, or instruments unsed to convey advertising messages to the public.
Print Media
Advertising in newspapers, magazines, direct mail, signs, and billboards.
Transit Advertising
Includes printed posters inside trains, taxis, and buses; ads on public benches, bus stop shelters, kiosks, newsstands, and trash cans; and station advertising located in or near subways and in railroad, bus, and airline terminas.
Online Advertising
A form of advertising that uses either e-mail or the World Wide Web.
Specialty Media
Relatively inexpensibe, useful items featuring an advertiser’s name or logo that are often giveaways.
Media Planning
The process of selecting the advertising media and deciding the time or space in which the ads should appear to accomplish a marketing objective.
The number of homes of people exposed to an ad.
A single exposure to an advertising message.
The number of times an audience sees or hears an advertisement.
Coser Per Thousand (CPM)
The media cost of exposing 1,000 readers or viewers to an advertising impression.
Newspaper Rates
These are determined by the “column inch”. To find the price, multiply the total column inches by the rate.
Magazine Rates
These are based on circulation, type of readership, and production techniques. One must become familiar with terms found on _____ advertising rate cards, including bleed, balck-and-white rates, color rates, discounts, etc.
Online Rates
These are based upon the type of format the customer desires. Banner ads, rich-media enhanced banner ads, button ads, and interstitial ads are some of the options. Rates are set on a CPM rate of views.
Radio Rates
To purchase this, a business must decide what kind of advertising they want to use: network ____advertising, national spot ____ advertising, and local ____ advertising.
Television Rates
These rates are based on the time of day. It is more expensive to advertise during the evening than other hours.

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