Marketing Chapter 19 & 20

print media
newspapers, magazines, direct mail, signs, billboards used in advertising
transit advertising
advertising found on public transportation
the avenues through which messages are delivered; also known as channels
broadcast media
radio and television
online advertising
a form of advertising that uses either email or the Internet
specialty media
relatively inexpensive, useful items featuring an advertisers name or logo that are given away
media planning
the process of selecting the advertising media and deciding the time or space in which the ads should appear to accomplish a marketing objective
the number of homes or people exposed to the ad
single exposure to an advertising message
the number of times an audience sees or hears an advertisement
cost per thousand (CPM)
the media cost of exposing 1,000 readers or viewers to an advertising impression
promotional advertising
advertising designed to increase sales
institutional advertising
the process used to try to create a favorable image for a company and foster goodwill in the marketplace
advertising campaign
a group of advertisements, commercials, and related promotional materials and activities that are designed as a part of a coordinated advertising plan to meet the specific goals of a company
advertising agencies
independent business that specialize in developing ad campaigns and crafting ads for clients
ad layout
a sketch that shows the general arrangement and appearance for a finished ad
ad proof
a representation of an ad that shows exactly how it will appear in print
what are the six steps of an advertising campaign?
1. identify the target audience
2. determine objective
3. establish the budget
4. develop the message
5. select the media
6. evaluate the campaign
describe the two types of outdoor advertisements.
1. Standardized: Purchased from advertising companies & are provided only in standard sizes. Outdoor signs used by companies at their place of business or other locations throughout the community.
2. Non standardized: Purchased from ad company. Used by companies at their places of business or in other locations throughout the community
three types of radio coverage
network- full coverage
national- only a region
local- state/city wide
describe the two types of advertising agencies
1. full service agencies: plan entire advertising campaign by setting objectives, developing ad messages and strategies, computing media plans, selecting media, etc.
2. limited service agencies: aspect of the campaign such as creative services, media planning or media buying
describe the 4 types of a print advertisement
headline, copy, illustration, signature
list the six types of print media
newspapers, magazines, direct mail, directory advertising, outdoor advertising, transit advertising

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