Marketing chapter 18 vocab

Coordinates all of the physical elements in a place of business to project an image to customers.
Visual Merchandising
Refers to the visual and artistic aspects of presenting a product or service to a target group of customers to encourage a purchase.
Includes a store’s sign or logo, marquee, outdoor lighting, banners, planters, awnings, windows, and the lighting of the building.
Is a canopy that extends over a store’s entrance.
Refers to ways that stores use floor space to facilitate and promote sales and serve customers.
Store layout
Used for interior display and simply where items are sold.
Selling space
Space where items are stored.
Storage space
Space for employees which includes anything a customer wont be able to see only if they work their.
Personnel space
Space that is designed for the comfort and convenience of the customer.
Customer space
Are permanent or movable store furnishings that hold and display merchandise.
Are stand alone structures that serve as consumer sales promotion devices.
Point-of-purchase displays or (POPs)
Are interactive point-of-purchase displays that are free-standing, full-service retail locations.
Interactive kiosks
What are the five stages of artistic design??
1. Select merchandise. 2. Select the type of display. 3. Choose a setting 4. Manipulate the artistic Elements. 5. Evaluate the completed display.
Or properties, are objects that hold the merchandise on display or support the display setting.
Refers to the physical appearance, or outline, of a display.
An area in a display that attracts attention before everything else.
Focal point
Is the look of the surfaces in a display.
Refers to the relationship between and among objects in a display.
The process of placing large items with large items and small items with small items.
Formal balance
The process of placing small items with one large item.
Informal balance
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