Marketing– chapter 17 Vocabulary

Decisons about advertising,Personal selling, sales promotion, and public relations used to used to attract customers
Product promotion
A promotional method used by businesses to convince prospects to select their goods and services instead of competitor’s brands
Institutional promotion
Promotional method used to create a favorable image for a business,help it advocate for change, or take a stand on community or trade issues
promotional mix
combination of personal selling, advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion, and public relations
a form of non personal promotion in which companies pay to promote ideas, goods, or services in a variety of media outlets
direct marketing
a type of advertising that sends a promotional message to a targeted group of prospects and customers
social media
electronic media that allows people with similar interests to participate in a social network
sales promotion
all marketing activities, other than personal selling, advertising, and public relations, that are directed at business or retail customers to boost sales
public relations
activities that help an organization to influence a target audience
news release
an announcement sent to the appropriate media outlets
bringing news or newsworthy information about an organization to the publics attention
trade promotions
sales promotions designed to support for a product from manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers
consumer promotions
sales strategies that encourage customers and prospects to buy a product or service
a certificate that entitles a customer to a cash discount on goods or services
low-cost items given to consumers at a discount or for free
a higher-priced product, award, or gift card that is earned or given away through contests, sweep-stakes, special offers, and rebates
promotional tie in
an activity that involves sales promotions between one or more retailers or manufacturers, also cross- promotion or cross- selling
loyalty marketing program
a marketing program that rewards customers by offering incentives for repeat purchases
a point of purchase display that is a stand alone structure
push policy
manufacturer uses mix of advertising, personal selling, and trade discounts to promote it’s products to large retailers to sell them
pull policy
directs promotional activities towards consumers
promotional allowances
are cash payments/discounts given by manufacturers to retailers to encourage sales
cooperative advertising
manufacturer supports retailer by helping to pay cost of advertising its product locally
slotting allowance
is a cash amount paid by a manufacturer to a retailer to help cover cost of placing manufacturers product in stores
product placement
verbal mention/appearance of brand name product in tv show, movie, or sporting event
short term price reductions that are marked on label or packaging
sponsors negotiate rights to use their logos and names on retail products to enhance their corporate image
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