Marketing Chapter 16 Vocab

Marketing Communications
are the messages sent from organizations to members of a target market in order to influence how they think, feel, and act toward a brand or market offering
is anything that might distort, block, or otherwise prevent the message from being properly encoded, sent, decoded, received, and/or comprehended
Viral marketing
is activities that encourage consumers to share a company’s marketing message with friends
Word of mouth
is communication between consumers about a brand, marketing offer, or marketing message
is the paid, non personal communication of a marketing message by an identified sponsor through mass media
Advertising appeal
is the reason to purchase a product or service
Competitive budget method
is a method of setting the advertising budget where the budget is set to match, dollar for dollar, that of an important competitor
is the number of times people are exposed to the ad
Informative advertising
provides consumers with information on the product or service
Message execution
is how the message is delivered
Percentage of sales method
is a method of setting the advertising budget where the size of the budget is based on a percentage of sales
Persuasive advertising
entices consumers to increase brand preference by communicating unique product or service benefits
is a measure of the number of people who could potentially receive an ad through a particular media vehicle
Reminder advertising
keeps a known product or service in the mind of consumers
Sales Promotion
is marketer-controlled communication to stimulate immediate audience response by enhancing the value of an offering for a limited time
Consumer promotions
are designed to motivate consumers to try a product or buy it again by offering an economic incentive such as coupons
Trade promotions
are incentives offered to retailers and wholesalers and take the form of discounts or allowances
Public relations
is two-way communication to improv mutual understanding and positively influence relationships between the marketer and its internal and external publics
Brand activation
is the process of bringing a brand to life by creating an experience that reflects the values of a brand
Corporate public relations
is how management evaluates and shapes or reshapes long-term public opinion of the company
product placement
is an arrangement in which the company has its brand or product appear in a movie or other entertainment vehicle
are the target audiences of public relations; the people inside or outside the company who have a “stake” in what it does
is generating unpaid, positive media coverage about a company or its products
is a way of publicity associating a brand with an event or activity that the company supports financially
marketing public relations
is how marketers seek to achieve specific marketing objectives by targeting consumers with product-focused messages

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