Marketing Chapter 15 Video: My Gym (Mexico): Entry Strategy and Strategic Alliances (Exam 2)

When MyGym management began evaluating overseas market​ expansion, it first looked at countries in which English was fairly common so that the company would not have to greatly modify its marketing programs. The marketing approach the company took in addressing its new global markets is best described as​ __________.

A. indirect exporting

B. International brand extension

C. international marketing

D. adapted global marketing

E. standardized global marketing

E. standardized global marketing
MyGym has more than 250 franchisees located in 31 countries. This approach to foreign market entry is best described as​ __________.

A. management contracting

B. direct investment

C. joint ownership

D. direct exporting

E. licensing

E. licensing
When MyGym first introduced franchises in​ Mexico, the company quickly identified significant language and cultural differences. For​ instance, in the​ U.S., parents planning birthday parties were accustomed to​ two-hour parties. In​ Mexico, however, families were accustomed to​ four-hour parties. So Mexican MyGym franchisees offered four hours parties. What type of product approach did MyGym ultimately take in its Mexican​ market?

A. Product innovation

B. Standardization

C. Product adaptation

D. Product invention

E. Straight product extension

C. Product adaptation
MyGym is exploring the idea of offering music programs in adult fitness centers. In the context of international​ marketing, this type of product approach is consistent with the concept of​ __________.

A. product adaptation

B. straight product extension

C. product invention

D. new product development

E. product modification

C. product invention
When MyGym set up its​ “Master Franchise” in​ Mexico, it staffed the franchise with local Mexican managers and staff who oversaw and coordinated operations in Mexico. What type of global marketing organization did MyGym​ use?

A. An export department

B. A world product group

C. A global organization

D. A geographical organization

E. An international subsidiary

D. A geographical organization

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