Marketing Chapter 13 – Selling Process

Personal Selling
Sales people have a wide variety of jobs
-Create Sales
-Build Maintain Relationships
Boundary Spanning
Educate customers and provide info to the company
Selling Process
7 Steps
1-6 = creates new customer
7 = keep customer relationship
1. Prospecting and qualifying
Maintain leads and scout of prospect customers.
2. Preapproach
Learn as much about the customer. Figure out objectives and how to achieve them
3. Approach
Salesperson + customer meet for the first time. Create a good relationship based on looks, questions, etc.
4. Presentation and Demonstration
tells “story” highlights customer benefits.
Customer Solution Approach – excellent customer service while making your pitch
5. Handling Objections
Salesperson overcomes objections by customer
– Salesperson in control
– Establish a relationship
– Use emotion
6. Closing
Salesperson asks customer for the order
– be direct
7. Follow Up
Follow up after sale to ensure customer satisfaction

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