Marketing chapter 12 retailers

All activities involved in the sale of products to final consumers
General stores
Retailers who carried anything that could sell in a reasonable volume
Single line/ limited line stores
Stores that specialize in certain lines of related products rather than a wide assortment
Specialty shops
A type of conventional I’m in the blind store, usually small with the distinct personality
Department stores
Larger stores that are organized into many separate departments
Mass merchandising concept
Idea that a retailer should offer low prices to get faster turnover and greater sales volume
Large stores specializing in groceries
Discount houses
Stores that sell hard goods at substantial price cuts
Mass merchandisers
Large cell service store with many departments to emphasize soft goods and staples selling on lower margins to get faster turnover
Large stores that try to carry not only food and drug items but also goods and services
Convenient store
It convenience oriented variation of the conventional limited line food stores
Automatic vending
Selling and delivering products through vending machines
Door to door selling
Going directly to the consumers home
Wheel of retail theory
New types of retailers into the market at low status low margin and low price
Scrambled merchandising
Retailers carrying any product thinking that they can sell profitably
Corporate chain
Affirm that owns and manages more than one store
Cooperative chains
Retailer sponsored groups formed by independent retailers
Voluntary chain
Wholesaler sponsored groups that work with independent retailers
Franchise operation
Franchiseor develops a good marketing strategy and the retail franchise holders carry out the strategy in their own units
The activities of those persons or establishments that sell to retailers and other merchants
Manufacturers sales branches
Separate warehouse that produces set up away from their factory
Merchant wholesalers
Wholesalers who own the products they sell
Service wholesalers
Merchant wholesalers who provide all the wholesaling functions
General merchandise wholesalers
Service wholesalers to carry a wide variety of nonperishable items
Single-line wholesaler
Wholesalers Who carry a narrow line of merchandise
Specialty wholesalers
Service wholesalers a carryover narrow range of products and off for more information services in another wholesalers
Limited function wholesalers
Merchant wholesalers to provide only some wholesaling functions
Cash and carry
Like service wholesalers except customers must pay cash
Drop shippers
Wholesalers who own the products they sell but not actually handle stock or deliver them

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