Marketing Chapter 12 Promotion

Define Promotion
The coordination of marketing communication efforts to influence attitudes or behaviors.
4 Goals of Promotion
Inform, Remind, Build Relationship, Persuade
Intergrated Marketing Communication (IMC)
A strategic business process that marketers use to plan, develop, execute, and evaluate to communicate programs for a target audience.
To combine for the purpose of being stronger and more effective.
5 Disciplines of Promotion(Promotion Mix)
Public Relations, Advertising, Sales, Personal Selling, and Direct Marketing
Marketing Communication Models
One-To-Many, Many-To-Many, One-To-One
Traditional model where one marketer sends their message out to many consumers. (Uses PR, Sales, and Advertising)
Many consumers share messages with many other consumers by word of mouth or social media(New media)
One marketer shares messages with one consumer(Uses Personal Selling and Direct Marketing)
Communication Model (SEMMDR)
The pathway a message travels
Where the message originates
Reshapes and makes the message presentable(PR)
the actual content going from the source to receiver
A communication vehicle which a message is transmitted to a targeted audience
translating or ssigning meaning to the message
Individual that intercepts and interprets the message
Any distraction or disturbance of the message being transmitted btwn the source and receiver
Receiver’s reaction to the message
When consumers use technology to get the things they need from each other
Word of mouth communication that customers believe it authentic
Brand Ambassador
Loyal customers recruited by the company that communicate with customer’s about the product
Viral Marketing
Form of buzz building where consumers pass msgs to other consumers
Social Media (New Media)
internet-based platforms where consumers share content w/ others who access it
Step 1 in Promotion Planning: Identify Target Audience
Identify consumer’s who are more likely to buy your product
Step 2 In Promotion Planning: Establish Objectives
Create Awareness
Create Knowledge- Benefits about the product
Create a Desire
Encourage Purchase
Build Loyalty
Step 3 in Promotion Planning: Determine Communication Budget
Push Strategy: Push products onto store shelves for consumers to see
Pull Strategy: Depend on the customer to ask for your product
Step 4 in Promotion Planning: Design the Promotion Mix:
Public Relations, Advertising, Sales, Personal Selling, Direct Marketing
Step 5 in Promotion Planning: Evaluation
Determine how effective/successful the promotional plan is.
Multi-Channel Promotional Strategy
Marketing communication strategy where they combine traditional advertising, sales promotion and PR activities with online buzz-building activities
9 forms of mass media
Radio, Recording, TV, Film, Newspaper, Social Media,
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