Marketing Chapter 11 Vocab

getting work done through the effort of others
vertical organization
refers to a chain-of-command hierarchical structure where tasks and responsibilities of each level of the organization are clearly defined
top management
managers who make decisions that affect the whole company
middle management
implements the decisions of top management
supervisory-level management
managers supervise the activities of employees who carry out the tasks determined by middle and top management
horizontal organization
a structure where top management shares decision making with self managing teams of workers who set their own goals and make their own decisions
encouraging team members to contribute and take responsibility for the management process
involves getting goals and determining how to reach them
includes establishing a time frame in which to achieve the goal, assign employees to the project, and determining a method for approaching the work
refers to setting standards and evaluating performance
mission statement
a brief description of the ultimate goals of a company
remedial action
a means of encouraging appropriate workplace behavior in order to improve employee performance
exit interview
an interview arranged by the human resources department when an employee leaves a company

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