Marketing chapter 10 study guide

What is the number-one rule when speaking to a client or customer
What type of atmosphere creates a healthy working environment
Accept differences in beliefs, values, and backgrounds
Is goal-setting a new idea becoming increasingly popular in business? Why or Why not?
No. It is a great idea that has been around forever
What is the first step of working in a team?
Learning strengths of team members
What three traits are exhibited in honest behavior?
Telling the truth, maintaining confidence, and not spreading rumors
What four features does employment law forbid you to discriminate on?
Gender, Age, Religions, or National Origins
What is an example of shared leadership
What is cross-training
Prepping for many different rolls
Keith designs robots used in manufacturing. His colleagues value his ability to come up with new ways to present products and find solutions to challenging problems. What trait does Keith possess?
Which interpersonal skill is very important for handling conflicts?
When a team makes an agreement it must be consistent with what?
What personal trait calls for being accountable for one’s actions and following through with commitments?
What set of standards should you follow when dealing with a company complaint?
Company Procedure
Jackson is a manager at a local movie theater. He supervises a staff of 20. Whenever an employee has a work-related problem, he treats them with respect and patience. what skill do Jackson’s interactions demonstrate?
What training would help with team flexibility
What are traits for food leaders
What three traits are essential for time management?
Setting goals, Deadlines, and ranking tasks
Which personal trait requires you easily accept new assignments and adjusts to constructive criticism?
Margaret is well-known for her excellent ideas as a fashion designer and for her ability to defend her ideas confidently and authoritatively. What is her behavior describes as?

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