Marketing Chapter 1 and 2

All of the following should be determined by the marketing department of a firm except:
Actually making the product
The study of marketing is important for all of the following reasons except:
Marketing affects every decision in a person’s life.
Macro-marketing is a social process that matches _____ and accomplishes the objectives of society.
Supply and demand
Which of the following is the best example of management thinking during the “production era”?
“If we produce a good product, customers will find us and buy it.”
The following is true in a command economy:
price is not a good indicator of value.
A firm with a marketing orientation is most likely to:
advertise how a product meets customers’ needs.
From the perspective of the marketing concept, a manager who wants to increase profits needs to:
take the customer’s point of view.
The term “micro-macro dilemma” means that:
what is “good” for some producers and consumers may not be good for society as a whole.
Which of the following does not demonstrate social responsibility in marketing?
Google shares user data with third-party service providers and governments.
Which of the following criticisms focuses most directly on a macro view of marketing, rather than a micro view?
Marketing exploits the poor and the uneducated.

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