Marketing Ch. 4 Marketing Ethics

What does greed and short term profit seeking often lead to?
Serious long term consequences.
What does creating value over the long run often lead to?
Long term success.
The Scope of Marketing Ethics
Business Ethics, marketing ethics.
Creating an Ethical Climate in the Workplace
Values (Establish, share, understand)

Rules (Management commitment, employee dedication)

Controls (Reward, punishment)

American Marketing Association Code of Ethics
Generally accepted code in marketing, flows from general norms of conduct to specific values, subareas within marketing have their own code of ethics to deal with specific issues.
The Influence of Personal Ethics
Genetics, Family, Religion, Values
Why People Act Unethically
Decisions often have conflicting outcomes, where both options have positive and negative consequences.
What make people take actions that create so much harm?
Are all the individuals who engage in questionable behavior just plain immoral or unethical?
Competing Outcomes
The Link Between Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
A Framework for Ethical Decision Making
Step 1: Identify issue
Step 2: Gather information and identify stakeholders
Step 3: Brainstorm and evaluate alternatives
Step 4: Choose a course of action
Integrating Ethics Into Marketing Strategy
Corporate Social Responsibility

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