Marketing and Tide

It uses Information Technology to derive benefits of many new advertising opportunities and is engaging consumers to its site which is regularly monitored and updated. The product variations are neatly classified, ensuring easy navigability Tide uses a variety of methods to reach to its target audiences. They television and public hoardings to inform its customers about them. In India the campaigns have a “dies” touch and are well executed. Now Tide has found its formula, the same global positioning as a Detergent that cleans perfectly.

So using whiteness ( safest) as a base Tide has now unleashed the campaign. Good opening punch line. During the monsoon season Tide came up with an a . Similarly during the Page | 8 Place Elements of distribution channel include the packaging, storage facilities, transportation, and the members of the channel itself (producers, brokers, retailers and households) It is always relevant to choose a channel pattern that is suitable for he target market needs. In US the target population is women and those exposed to internet, selling directly on the Internet and through various salespeople is the best choice.

Other distribution channels such as supermarkets, convenience stores are also used In India, the company uses the traditional way to reach customers. Tide being a consumer product that serves to satisfy the immediate need of people must always be available in both retail stores and wholesalers’ stores. The product is available at Koran stores, big retail outlets, convenience stores and the sachets and bars are even available at pan shops for rural people. Page | 9 Conclusion In US marketing mix seems to be very effective.

They are the number one laundry detergent and it is difficult for other brands to gain market share. This is due to the excellence of the brand, the quality of their products, the appealing packages, the convincing advertisements, and the competitive pricing. All of these points allow Procter & Gamble to market and sell a product that consumers are willing to buy at a higher price than other products. Since the days Tide first started the original slogan Washday Miracle’ was created because the advertisers were confident that Tide ‘s performance was truly superior.

Today, Tide still believes in this original statement and armed with its new slogan knows Fabrics Best,’ In India Tide has been slowly gaining popularity, it has been quite successful in the urban market and has impressed quite a few people as the quality is better as compared to its competitors. Also the brand name plays a part in making up the popularity. Tide has successfully penetrated the urban market and has eaten a considerable part of HULL’S market share in the detergent market.

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