Marketing 451

Traditional Brainstorming (FTF)
Method Popularized by Alex Osborn in the late 1950’s
-Face-to-Face group discussiong
-Idea sharing
-Moderate captures ideas
-ideas pooled by moderator
Nomical Group Techniques (NGT)
-individual generation
-no interaction among people
-Ideas pooled by moderator
Birtual (VBS)
-Asynchronous idea sharing
-no moderator
-shared ideas pooled by computer
Meta Analysis :which Technique is better?
-VBS groups are more productive and more satisfied with the process that FTF groups
-Large VBS groups outperformed nominal gruops
-small nominal groups outperformed VBS groups with small defined as < 9 people -FTF groups are consistently poor
Why VBS and NGT outperforms FTF?
Production blocking
– the individual’s inability to spontaneously interject ideas without violating group etiquette or breaking the concentration of other members
-evaluation apprehension
Why VBS outperforms NGT and FTF?
– Synergy of shared ideas
Whats great about Virtual Brainstorming?
-Incentives minimize social loafing
-excellent for very large groups
Convergent Thinking?
-Challenge: Identify top ideas
Voting and Rating Models
– Various dependent measurements
– attractivness, perceived quality, etc
Adaptive Screening Models
Adaptive Idea Screening?
-VBS can produce a very, very large number of ideas
-ex) Lego in an early VBS study, generated over 10k product ideas in one VBS session
-Screening all ideas by all may not be possible
– Need screening algorithm
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