Marketing 352 – The Marketing Research Process

The process of designing, gathering, analyzing and reporting information that may be used to solve a marketing problem.
Marketing Research
How does marketing research benefit an organization?
Marketing research links an organization to its market through the gathering of information.
What are a few examples of marketing research?
– University Housing survey
– Course evaluations
– Sodexo surveys
Marketing research revolves around:
The 4 p’s: Price, Product, Place, Promotion
Where did marketing develop?
In the 1920’s, marketing developed because people had disposable income and companies began trying to influence how they would spend their money.
Why does a company typically conduct marketing research?
Marketing research provides valuable insights into managerially relevant questions
What are the two different types of research?
Applied & Basic
Research which is designed to extend knowledge of the marketing phenomena, such as an academic journal, etc.
Basic research
Research which is designed to solve a specific problem – usually for a specific company.
Applied research
What are the 6 steps of the marketing research process?
1. Problem Definition
2. Research design
3. Sampling
4. Data Gathering
5. Data Analysis
6. Report Results
What is the most important step of the marketing research process?
Problem Definition
What steps should take during the problem definition phase?
1. List the symptoms
2. List the possible causes
3. List some solutions
4. List your objectives
Research that helps in problem solving as it allows the researcher to better define the problem by getting a look at it first hand. This type of research helps you understand the motivations, attitudes and behaviors of a problem that is not easily accessible through other methods.
Exploratory research
What is another name for exploratory research?
Qualitative Research
What are the two different types of data?
1. Secondary
2. Primary
Information that has been collected for a purpose of than the research at hand
Secondary data
Information that has been gathered specifically for the research objectives at hand.
Primary data
What are a few examples of exploratory research?
– Literature reviews
– Qualitative methods such as focus groups, etc.
– Pilot studies
Quantitative data to answer questions such as who, what, when, where and how?
Descriptive research
Research that is used to determine the cause-and-effect relationships between two or more variables.
Causal Research
What are three different types of causal experiment design?
Quasi vs. True
Attempts to collect data from everyone in the target market.
Has a small number of members of the target population that the researcher is interested in, and is used to generalize finding to a larger population.
Each member of the target population has an equal and known chance of being selected.
_______________ effects the accuracy and generalizability of results.
Sample Size
What are the three main options for data gathering?
1. Human
2. Machine
3. Self-report
What are the human options for data gathering?
1. In-depth interviews
2. Focus groups
3. Observation
What are two options for machine data gathering?
Scanner data and observation
What is an example of self-report data gathering?
What are four advantages of web-based data collection?
1. Fast
2. Get your data in real time
3. Download data directly
4. Cheap!
What are three disadvantages of web-based data collection?
1. Typically represents wealthier people
2. Spam
3. Privacy Issues
What are the two types of data analysis?
1. Non-metric
2. Metric
Consists of frequencies, cross tabs, and chi squares.
Non-metric data
Consists of t-tests, ANOVA, and regressions
Metric data
What are the key components of your results report?
1. Executive Summary
2. Problem Definition and objectives
3. Methodology
4. Results
5. Findings
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