Marketing 310 final exam ku

Total logistics cost
Expenses associated with transportation, warehousing, order processing
customer service
the ability of logistics management to satisfy the customer in terms of time, dependability, communication and convenience
What are the three ways to classify retail outlets?
Form of ownership, level of service, and merchandise line
depth of product line vs breadth of product line
depth = carry a large number of each product displayed on shelf
Breadth = large assortment of different products
Scrambled merchandising
Part of breadth of product line

Offering a lot of unrelated product lines

hyper market
form of scrambled merchandising

Has everything you need under one roof. usually cheep

Retail positioning matrix
Y axis breadth of product line x axis value added. Compares different retail outlets
retailing mix
Includes the activities related to managing the store and the merchandise in the store.
Includes retail pricing, store location, retail communication, and merchandise
Breakage or theft, becomes an issue for retailers trying to maintain low prices.
Off-price retailing
selling brand-name merchandise at lower than regular prices.

ex. tj max and ross

These retail outlets by from manufacturers with excess inventory.

three types of variations of off-price retailing
warehouse club
ex. sams or costco

outlet store
ex. gap factory store

Single price retailers
ex. dollar store

Shopper marketing
coupons, samples, and displays
category management
Approach to managing merchandise

Assigns a manager to select products that consumers in a market segment might view as substitutes for each other, with the objective of sales and profits.

retail life cycle
proccess of growth and decline retail outlets experience
multichannel retailers
sell products through different channels, such as catalogs, television home shopping, and online retailing
promotional mix
combining different promotional elements

promotional elements are
1)inform buyers about product benefits

2) persuade them to try it

3) remind them later about the elements

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