Marketing 303 Ch. 4

Target market
A ___ is a defined group that managers feel is most likely to buy a firm’s products.

a. demographic sample
b. buying center
c. aggregated unit
d. consumer cluster
e. target market

Must be continually monitored by marketing managers
The external environment ___.

a. can be controlled in much the same manner as the internal marketing mix
b. cannot be influenced by marketing managers
c. must be continually monitored by marketing managers
d. does not have an impact on Fortune 500 companies
e. does not change over time

Marketing mix
All of the following are factors in the external environment affecting marketing except:

A. Competition
B. Economic conditions
C. Technology
D. Political and legal factors
E. Marketing mix

The external environment
Marketing managers cannot control ___, but they can sometimes influence it.

a. where advertising is placed
b. the sales force
c. the external environment
d. the distribution strategy
e. product pricing

Social factors
Which of the following is the most difficult for marketing managers to forecast, influence, or integrate into marketing plans?

A. Technology
B. Competition
C. Demography
D. Social factors
E. Economic conditions

The study of people’s vital statistics, such as age, race and ethnicity, and location, is called:

a. cultural sociology
b. psychometrics
c. demography
d. ethnography
e. ecology

Which of the following is not a demographic characteristics of a population?

A. Income level
B. Age
C. Birth rate
D. Education
E. Values

Being happy
Research indicates that ___ is the most important thing to tweens.
Generation Yers
__ are strongly attached to technology family oriented, and impatient, and quick shoppers.
Baby boomers
People in the United States who were born between 1946 and 1964 are known as:
Recession, inflation, and consumers’ incomes that influence the marketing environment are called ___ factors.

a. consumption
b. socio-demographic
c. political
d. government
e. economic

___ is the primary determinant of a persons earning potential.
Consumer Product Safety Commission
The ___ is a governmental body that has the power to prescribe mandatory safety standards for almost all products consumers use.

a. Health and Welfare Agency
b. Consumer Product Safety Commission
c. Food and Drug Administration
d. Federal Communications Commission
e. Federal Trade Commission

Federal Trade Commission
The ___ is an agency that prevents the use of unfair methods of competition in commerce.

a. Federal Communications Commission
b. Federal Trade Commission
c. Commission for Fair Trade
d. Commerce Department
e. Sherman Antitrust Agency

Gen Y
Which represents the largest group of consumers in the United States?
Generation X
Consumers born between 1965 and 1978 form a group called:
Consumer’s income, inflation, recession
3 economic factors

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