Marketing: 16 : The Promotional Mix

Promotional elements
Promotional elements
Public Relations
Personal Selling
Sales Promotion
Direct Marketing
Promotional Mix
Promotional Mix
The combination of up to six of the promotional elements used to promote a product or business
Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)
The coordination of all the elements of the promotional mix to present a consistent look and message.
What does IMC insure?
That all the promotional elements are working together to maximize impact in the marketplace.
– same colors etc
A paid form of non-personal communication that is transmitted via mass media . It is a non-personal mass approach
Public Relations
Building positive relations with the company’s customers, investors, and community .
Examples: supporting charities, Ronald McDonald, public speaking etc.
Most common tool of PR professionals
PUBLICITY in the media
Any form of NON-PAID coverage, good or bad, that is received from the media.
Advantages of positive publicity
Advantages of positive publicity
1. It is free
2. Third party endorsement (Oprah)
Public relations vs. Publicity
Public relations vs. Publicity
Publicity is primary tool of PR BUT it is NOT the same as Public Relations.
Personal Selling
The two-way flow of personal communication between a buyer and seller designed to influence a purchase decision.
Where does personal selling take place?
In a retail environment. Example: Sales at a car dealership.
In a customer’s home/office, called outside sales.
Where is personal selling most common?
In B2B marketing
Direct marketing
Direct marketing
Using advertising media to sell directly to consumers in a on-face2face environment.
Examples: Catalogs, Internet Infomercials
Sales Promotion
Sales Promotion
Special incentives or excitement-building programs that encourage purchases.
examples of sales promotions
manufacturer rebates
loyalty programs
point-of-purchase materials
product placement
product placement
product placement
including products in a movie or television program
includes websites, blogs, and social media
Which method may also use web-based promotional tools like online advertising and email
Advertising and direct marketing
social media
internet-based media where the users provide most of the content – Facebook, twitter, youtube
Sears – Promotional Mix Example
Advertising – newspaper ads
Sales Promotion – special offers
Direct marketing – catalogs
web-based – website
Encourages LIKE on Facebook
Apple – promotion mix
Advertising – Magazines and national tv
Personal selling – Apple sales people
Public Relations – maintains positive relationships
Strengths of Advertising
Can reach lots of prospects at a low cost per thousand people reached
Weaknesses of Advertising
– May lack creditability
– LOTS of ads competing for attention
– May be hard to measure
What are the strengths of PR?
– free!
– 3rd party endorsement from media gives more credibility
What are some weaknesses of PR?
– no control over what it is said
– Your information must be newsworthy to get coverage
what are some strengths of personal selling ?
– face2face is most powerful way to sell & build relationships
– best for “bigger ticket” sales
What are some weaknesses of personal selling?
MOST expensive in terms of cost/contact
What are some strengths of Direct Marketing?
– can reach lots of prospects at a low cost/thousand people reached
– very measurable in terms of ROI
What are some weaknesses of direct marketing?
– lots of ad competition
what are some strengths of web-based?
– little cost
– allows customers to easily respond and interact
– usually easy to measure responses
what are some weaknesses of web-based?
growing online competition

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