Marketing 14

Layman’s terms
Words the average customer can understand
Concerns, hesitations, doubts, or other honest reasons a customer has for not making a purchase.
Reasons for not buying or not seeing a salesperson
Objection analysis sheet
A document that lists common objectives and possible responses to them.
To restate something in a different way in own words
Substitution method
A selling method that involves recoomending a different product that would still satisfy the customer’s needs.
Boomerand Method
A selling method that converts a customer’s objection into a selling point
Superior point method
A selling techinque that permits the salesperson to acknowledge objections as valid yet still offset them with other features and benefits
Third party method
A selling method that involves using a previous customer or other neutral person who can give testimonial about the product.
Product presentation lively
Demonstrate the product Using sales Aids, Involving the customer, and Display and handle the product.
5 buying decisions
Needs,Product, Source Price, and Time.
7 steps handling objections
Substitution, Boomerang, Question, Superior Point, Denial, Demonstration, and Third Party.
Process handling objections
Listen Carefully, Acknowledge the Objections, Restate the Objections, and Answer the Objections.
7.​If a customer is trying to read instructions for a product and does not understand them, the sales person could offer to help. The method the sales person is using is ___.
10.​Contradiction of a statement is ___.
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