Marketing 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0

1.0 (Product Centric) Objective:
Sell products
2.0 (Consumer Oriented) Objective:
Satisfy and retain customers
3.0 (Value Driven) Objective:
Make the world a better place
1.0 Enabling Forces:
Industrial Revolution
2.0 Enabling Forces:
Information technology
3.0 Enabling Forces:
New wave technology
1.0 How companies see the market:
Mass buyers with physical needs
2.0 How companies see the market:
Smarter consumer with mind and heart
3.0 How companies see the market:
Whole human with mind, heart, and spirit
1.0 Key marketing concept:
Product development
2.0 Key marketing concept:
3.0 Key marketing concept:
1.0 Company marketing guidelines:
Product specification
2.0 Company marketing guidelines:
Corporate and product positioning
3.0 Company marketing guidelines:
Corporate mission, vision, and values
1.0 Value propositions:
2.0 Value propositions:
Functional and emotional
3.0 Value propositions:
Function, emotional, and spiritual
1.0 Interaction with customers:
One-to-many transaction
2.0 Interaction with customers:
One-to-one relationship
3.0 Interaction with customers:
Many-to-many collaboration

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