Market Research ch. 4

The term “_____ _____” refers to the process of trying to identify specific areas where additional information is needed about the marketing environment.
problem definition
True/False: Instead of distinguishing between problems and opportunities, it is better to think of both of them as two sides of the same coin.
The six key steps in problem formulation are: (1) _____ with the client, (2) Clarify the _____/_____, (3) State the manager’s ______ ______, (4) Develop full range of possible _____ _____, (5) _____ research problems to address, (6) Prepare and submit ____ ____ ____.
meet, problem/opportunity, decision problem, research problems, select, research request agreement
Meeting with the client is important because (a) it is essential that managers and researchers communicate _____ with one another, and (b) the research must get as much ____ as possible.
openly, information
The two basic sources of marketing problems are ______ and ______ changes in the marketing environment.
planned, unplanned
True/False: When managers presume a cause for their main decision problem, it is best to accept that answer as true unless proven wrong later.
A well-stated decision problem takes the _____’s perspective, is as _____ as possible, and takes the form of a _____.
manager, simple, question
_____-oriented problems are common with unplanned changes in the marketing environment. Managers need basic information about what is going on and why it is going on.
True/False: Discovery-oriented research rarely solves a problem in the sense of providing actionable results, and simply provides insights necessary for managers to make better decisions.
_____-oriented problems aim directly at making decisions, and are commonly used with planned change with an emphasis on how the planned change should be implemented.
True/False: The key distinction between strategy-oriented and discovery-oriented decision problems is the latter’s focus on actionable results.
If possible, researchers should attempt to conduct ____-oriented research.
Definition: A restatement of the decision problem in research terms.
research problem
Research problems begin with an ____ word and describe information to be uncovered that might help solve the _____ _____.
action, decision problem
True/False: Discovery-oriented problems focus more on questions of “What…?” and “Why…?,” while strategy-oriented problems focus more on questions of “How…?”
Usually, researchers get ideas about possible research problems from the ____ during the process of clarifying the problem.
True/False: Usually, managers will be willing to fund the research of all possible research questions in an effort to obtain as much information as possible.
The six items of a research request agreement include (1) the _____ of the decision problem, (2) the ____ ____, (3) the _____ _____, (4) the way each piece of information will be _____, (5) the _____ and _____ from whom the information must be gathered, and (6) the _____ regarding time and money estimates.
background, decision problem, research problems, used, population, subgroups, logistics
Definition: A written statement that describes the marketing problem, the purpose of the study, and a detailed outline of the research methodology.
research proposal
The research proposal should include these sections: (a) a summary of the _____ _____ and ______ from the research request agreement; (b) the research ______ and ______ sources; (c ) the ______ plan, (d) the actual _____ _____ _____ to be used in gathering data; (e) ______ of the forms; (f) a ____ ____ for the plan; and (g) _____ of other helpful information or visuals.
problem definition, background, design, data, sampling, data collection forms, analysis, time schedule, appendices
Research should be avoided when it is done as “______” research, when there are not enough ______ to complete the research accurately, or when there are _____ concerns.
advocacy, resources, ethical
Sometimes, using a ____ ____ can be helpful if the research work load of a company varies over the course of the year, if needed skills for various projects differ, or if there is a desire for increased objectivity in market research.
research supplier
Definition: A document that describes, as specifically as possible, the nature of the problem for which research is sought and that asks providers to offer proposals, including cost estimates, about how they would perform the job.
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