Market crossword puzzle

Another name for accounting costs
Revenue remaining after all implicit and explicit costs have been paid
Economic profit
Market structure in which there are only a few producers
When one additional unit of input produces less output than the previous unit of input, the __________ of ____________ returns has taken effect
Law deminishing
A cost that does not change as production increases or decreases
The cost of owner-provided capital and labor
The amount consumers are willing and able to buy at each price per unit of time
The time period during which the size of the plant may be altered and all costs are variable
Long run
What an entrepreneur obtains when just meeting the explicit and implicit costs
Normal profit
Market with only one furm
The change in the total cost due to a change of one unit of production
Marginal cost
The time period in which a firm cannot alter its plant size
Short run
Fixed cost and variable cost together
The firm operating in perfect competition is called a ________ taker
Total revenue divided by the total number of units produced
Average revenue
Any goods that are scarce
Total cost divided by the number of units produced
Average total cost
The change in total revenue by the production and sale of one unit of the product
Marginal revenue
Costs that increase and/or decrease with changes in production
Market structure in which the decisions of individual buyers and sellers have no effect on the market price because there are so many of each
The amount producers are willing and able to provide at each price level per unit of time

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