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Nigeria is a country with a very large population. The Universities in the country are unable to accommodate the increasing high school graduates in need of university education. (Walter, 2001) Agape University is going to target fresh graduates from high school and college graduates who need to do their masters in the courses provided at the university. Therefore, the market is quite large and the University is assured of constant intakes of students annually.

Agape University will be located in Gwagwalada, Abuja, Nigeria within a permanent site covering about 11,824 hectares along the Kaduna Lokoja Abuja Road. The University of Abuja neighbors the area and it offers almost the courses that Agape plans to offer. However, Agape University is ready to compete with the University. As a measure to ensure that it is able to attract students, Agape University has to build a name for itself. It has to have a mandate that is going to sell it out to prospective students.

The University will be an academic centre of excellence and it is going to be known for the high quality education it is going to offer. The other competitor of the University is the University

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of Jos located in Ibadan. The University has been in operation for a long time and it has the advantage of being the first academic institution in the industry. Therefore, Agape University is going to offer competitive services to students and improve the quality of staff it will employ. (Abati, 2005)

The University is going to offer boarding facilities to students taking bachelors degrees in the various courses it is going to offer. However, due to the limited number of hostels it has at the moment, the masters students will be expected to arrange for their on accommodation facilities. This will not be for a long time as the university plans on expanding to be able to have enough facilities to cater for its students. The staff that is going to be recruited by the university has to be very qualified in order for them to be able to offer high standards of services in the University.

The University will need a Vice chancellor who will be in charge of the institution. The other staffs that will be needed include: Deputy vice chancellors, Students’ counselor, Lectures and non-teaching staff. The non-teaching staff will include the secretaries, cooks, Watchmen and janitors. This is the staff that the university will be able to support in the beginning but it has plans of increasing this number when it expands. Professionals in the accounting and legal fields will also be consulted by the university about issues in the two fields.

The University will be outsourcing such help from other firms before it expands to be able to employ such personnel. (Walter, 2001) Agape University will be located in Gwagwalada, Abuja, Nigeria within a permanent site covering about 11,824 hectares along the Kaduna Lokoja Abuja Road. This site was chosen because of its proximity to Abuja city. It would be easier for the masters’ students to get accommodation in the city. In addition, it would also be easier for prospective students to get access to the University.

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