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Vovie, an apparel brand, uses social media to promote and sell products to its consumers. Rather than focusing on promoting its products to wholesalers or retailers, Vovie focuses its attention on its end consumers. The marketing team at Vovie believes that using social media and other digital campaigns will increase product demand without interrupting consumers’ media experience. Which of the following promotional strategies is used by Vovie?
A company is said to be using the AIDA model to create consumer interest in its new product if it
arranges demonstrations and targets messages to innovators and early adopters
is the marketing function that evaluates public attitudes and executes a program of action to earn public understanding and acceptance.
Public relations
The set of unique features of a company and its products that are perceived by the target market as significant and superior to those of the competition is known as
a competitive advantage
Which of the following changes has been brought about by the use of social media for marketing?
Communication space is increasingly controlled by the consumer, as is the brand message.
The promotional mix of a product in the introduction stage is characterized by:
heavy advertising to build awareness about the product.
Which of the following is true of personal selling?
It includes both a buyer and a seller who have specific objectives and wish to accomplish them.
Television, magazine, outdoor, radio, or newspaper advertising are examples of
paid media
The acronym AIDA stands for:
attention, interest, desire, and action
Simon wants to buy a laptop for his daughter. He wants to buy a laptop that can also be used to play high-end games. Which of the following elements in the promotional mix is the most effective in helping Simon make an informed decision?
Sales promotion
A company’s Web site and its official presence on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms are examples of
owned media
A purchase involving a personal, paid-for communication between two people in an attempt to influence each other is known as
personal selling
Ivan is a car salesperson. He tries to persuade his customers to buy a particular car by explaining its features and comparing it with others available in the market. In this case, Ivan uses ____ to increase his sales.
personal selling
Which of the following statements defines a pull strategy?
It is a marketing strategy that stimulates consumer demand to obtain product distribution.
Which of the following is an example of a routine buying decision?
Kajal buys Fhorr noodles, a new product, after seeing its various advertisements on television.
When a product reaches the growth stage of its life cycle,
promotional strategies are used to emphasize the product’s differential advantage over the competition
According to the AIDA concept, an advertiser must first:
gain the attention of the target market.
In a strategy (BLANK) manufacturers may use aggressive personal selling and trade advertising to convince a wholesaler or a retailer to carry and sell their merchandise.
Which of the following is a reason for the increasing usage of social media by marketers for their marketing campaign?
Social media facilitates consumer empowerment.
Which of the following best describes interpersonal communication?
It is the direct, face-to-face communication between two or more people.
Grippo Potato Chips introduces a new pickle flavored chip. For the next several weeks, all of Grippo’s ads are designed to tell consumers about this new flavor. In this case, the goal of Grippo’s ads is to

the target audience.

Which of the following is a reason for the growth in the popularity of the integrated marketing communications (IMC) concept?
Marketers have slashed their advertisement spending in favor of promotional techniques that generate immediate sales responses.
Which of the following best describes mass communication?
It is the communication of a concept or message to large audiences.
Which of the following is true of the promotional mix for a product in its decline stage?
Sales promotion efforts may be maintained at the retail level.
is the interpretation of the language and symbols sent by the source through a channel.
Which of the following is a difference between personal selling and the other elements of the promotional mix?
Personal selling receives immediate feedback, while the other elements of the promotional mix are slower at receiving feedbacks.
Which of the following is an example of earned media?
Content shared on a social networking site by a customer
Which of the following is a characteristic of advertising?
Fast speed in reaching a large audience
The overall goals for the marketing mix for a firm includes product, place, promotion, and
Which of the following is true of the integrated marketing communications (IMC) concept?
It focuses on the careful coordination of all promotional messages for a product or service.
Which of the following is true of informative promotion?
It seeks to convert an existing need into a want or stimulate interest in a new product.
Which of the following illustrates an effective use of social media by a company to increase its sales?
Nizara Corp., a gaming company, has launched its demo game exclusively on Facebook.
Freshmart, a grocery store, has a flat 70 percent discount on all its products every Sunday. The promotional strategy used here is a
Which of the following scenarios illustrates a marketer acting as a receiver?
A salesperson listens attentively as Jen explains what she is looking for in a pair of headphones.
Which of the following illustrates the use of social media for increasing customer service?
Users tweeting their dissatisfaction about a product to their respective sellers
Which of the following is true of social media?
It is concentrated between earned and owned media, with some paid media.
is any impersonal, one-way mass communication about a product that is paid for by a marketer.
Andrew, an employee of a consumer goods company, designed a new product which has high energy efficiency. His design was selected by the government as a noteworthy invention. How can the company use his achievement to improve its public image?
By preparing news releases and sharing the news on social media
Relationship selling differs from the traditional method of personal selling in that relationship selling:
emphasizes the accomplishment of mutual objectives.
Which of the following is true of the promotional mix for a product in its maturity stage?
Reminder and persuasive advertising are emphasized as competition is fierce.
Competitive advantage of a company includes:
excellent service.
Which of the following is true of promotional strategies?
Promotional strategies have changed a great deal over the years.
is the conversion of a sender’s ideas and thoughts into a message, usually in the form of words or signs
Which of the following is the main function of a marketer’s promotional strategy?
To convince target customers that the goods and services offered provide a competitive advantage over the competition
Based on target market characteristics, personal selling is
required even when buyers are well informed and geographically dispersed
Berries Inc., a cosmetics company, tries to increase its brand value and brand loyalty in the target market through its Web presence. It creates its own Web site, discussion forums, and increases its presence on Facebook and Twitter. In this case, Berries Inc. has used social media as a(n)
owned media
Which of the following is true of a sales promotion?
It is often used to improve the effectiveness of other ingredients in the promotional mix.
Which of the following is part of the promotional mix?
Public relations

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