Marjorrie’s Notes – CIS Chapter 13

The organization called ICANN is responsible for
managing the Internet’s domain names and IP address allocation
So that all computers on the Internet can communicate with each other, they must use common rules called protocols. Which of the following is NOT a common protocol used on the Internet?
Which protocol does the Internet use for transmitting data?
Whether they dial up through a conventional modem or connect through high-speed access, individual Internet users enter an ISP through
a point of presence (POP)
An IP address
is the unique identification number that is required for a computer or device (router, etc.) to be connected to the Internet.
enables users to share files that reside on local computers with remote computers
the protocol that provides a secure connection between a client and a server, over which any amount of data can be sent securely
the new proposed Internet protocol in which addresses are composed of eight groups of 16 bits each
refers to the process of coding your e-mail so that only the person with the key to the code can decode and read the message
TRUE about public-key encryption
public-key encryption is the most commonly used encryption on the internet; when you receive a message you use a private key to decode it; the public key is generated by running a public key through a complex mathematical formula
NOT TRUE: the keys are generated in such a way that they can work with any other set of keys
controls domain name registration
HTML language is composed of special symbols calls
markup tags
the CGI
provides a methodology by which your browser can request that a program file be run instead of just being delivered to the browser
what functions like a phone book for the Internet, allowing your computer to translate a URL to an IP address
a DNS server
Public and private keys are characteristic component of
an applet
is a small application that resides on a server
data is transmitted along the Internet using
packet switching
Which Internet protocol does a browser use to send requests
what do all email client software now use to attach files
MIME protocol
secure sockets layer
creates a secure connection between a client and server
another word for Virtual Private Network (VPN)
networks with different network operating systems
CAN communicate with each other
circuit switching is inefficient when applied to computers because
computer processing and communication take place in bursts
has more stringent rules regarding markup tags than HTML
(IPv6) internet protocol version 6 is
a proposed IP addressing scheme that will make IP addresses longer
Who owns pieces of the communication infrastructure that makes the Internet work
Government entities
a domain name takes the place of
an IP address
A point of presence is
a bank of modems through which many users can connect to an ISP simultaneously
is one of the original protocols developed for transmitting data over the Internet
TCP/IP suite consists of
MANY interrelated protocols
Static addressing provides
means that the IP address for a computer never changes and is most likely assigned manually by a network administrator
veriSign is the current
ICANN-accredited domain name registrar for the .com and .net domains
a computer protocol
is a set of rules for exchanging electronic information
XML is more flexible than
you cannot send sensitive information using instant messaging because
it is susceptible to interception by hackers
private sector companies that make up the Internet system NOW exchange data via
IXPs, Internet Exchange Points; NOT NAPs (were designed to move large amount of data quickly)
in PUBLIC-key encryption
two keys, known as a key pair, are created (one key for coding and the other for decoding)
T lines are
high-speed fiber-optic communications lines that provide higher throughput than conventional voice lines
XML is used extensively in
eCommerce for exchanging data between corporations
collection of large national and international networks is known as
internet backbone
web server
computer that provides web space for web pages and provides requested web pages to clients
provides dynamic addressing
enables file sharing
runs on a remote computer to make it accessible to other computers
send data between computers on the Internet
file server
provides remote storage space for files users can download
packet was not received in understandable form
methodology by which your browser can request that a program file be executed
markup language
encryption program
provides for the encryption of any amount of data transmitted using TCP/IP protocols
bank of modems through which many users can connect to an ISP at the same time
HTML was not designed for
information exchange, so XML was created; instead of being locked into standard tags and formats for data, XML enables users to create their own mark up languages to accommodate particular data format and needs
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