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Attractions between polar molecules are stronger than attractions between non-polar molecules

true or false

What attractions hold atoms together in a covalent bond?
protons and electrons
The properties of an ionic compound can be explained by the strong attractions between a ________ _______
crystal lattice
What ionic compound includes at least one metal?
How are atoms held together in a covalent bond?
with a nuetral charge containing a balanced charge of protons and electrons
can you assume that a molecule that coontains a polar covalent bond is polar?
if a molecule has 2 atoms it will be polar.
which attraction is stronger non-polar molecules or polar molecules?
polar molecules
When are roman numerals used in compound names?
When a metal forms more than 1 ion, the name contains roman numerals to indicate the charge on the ion.
A covelently bonded group of atoms that has a positive or negative charge and acts as a unit is __________ ____
polyatomic ion
Can scientist design alloys?

During chemical reactions, the mass of the products is always equal to the mass of reactants?

T or F

What is the first step in balancing an equation?
count the number of atoms
What is the mole formula?
who are reactions often classified?
By the the type of reactants, number of reactants and products.
What is a synthesis reaction ?
 when 2 or more substances react from a single substance
what are five general type of reactors?
chemical reactions, synthesis reaction, descomposition reactions, single-replacement reactions, double-replacement reactions, and combustion reactions.
Does breaking a chemical bond require energy or release energy?
What affects reaction rates?
surface, temperature, concentration, stirring, and catalyst.
What happens during a chemical equilibrium?
a state that the forward and reverse paths of a change take place at the same rate.
What would happen if you increased temperature of a system that contained nitrogen, hydrogen, and amonia?
If you added heat to the system the equilibrium would shift in the direction that removes heat from the system
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