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Describe a electron dot diagram.
Each dot is a valence electron in the diagram.
An ion with a charge that is negative is ?
The shape of a ionic crystal depends on the ?
It depends on the arrangements of the ions in its  lattice.

What is a covalent bond?


It is a chemical bond and they share valence electrons.
What happens when carbon is added to iron, what happens to the lattice?
It becomes stronger and harder.
What is a  type of bond thatholds cations and anions together?
What is an ion with a positive charge?
What is an ion that contains a covalently bonded group of atoms?
What is the force that holds ions and atoms together?
What is the mixture of 2 or more elements ?
What describes a reaction that releases energy?
What substances are formed when there is a chemical change?
What is the number that appears beofore the formula called?
What is the mass of one mole in a substance?
molar mass
What happens when a chemical change is not completed?
A chemical equilibrium is completed between the forward and the reverse reactions.
When you stir the reactants  in a reaction mixture it will?
Increase the reaction rate
What happens when there  is an increase in temperature?
It will increase the reaction rate.
What is a catalyst?
A substance that affects the rate of reaction.
A change in reaction affects the?
chemical equilibrium
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