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Taylor Chapter 1

what does the state’s nurse practice act do? establishes the criteria for the education & licensure of its nurses enforces rules for the profession
legally determines what who can and cannot do. what phenomena underlies the present and predicted nursing shortage in the US? aging of the population increased prevalence of chronic illness increased prevalence of disabilities

Florence Nightingale is known as founder of modern nursing created free standing nursing education Clara Barton is known for organizing hospitals and nurses  created the American Red Cross in 1882 Dorothea Dix is known for she reformed treatment for the mentally ill. Linda Richards is known for the first trained nurse in the USA began the process of record keeping and writing orders Lillian Ward is Known for the founder of public health nursing Marya Elizabeth Mahoney is known for the first African-American nurse Nora Gertrude Livingston is known for established the first 3 year nursing program in North America Isabel Hampton Robb is known for founder of the ANA -American Nurses Association Mary Adelaide Nutting is known for: published the History of Nursing Mary Breckinridge is known for: established the first midwifery school in the US – Frontier Nursing Service Margaret Sanger

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is known for: founded Planned Parenthood name the 4 essential competencies nurses use: cognitive technical interpersonal ethical/legal skills define cognitive competency: offer a a scientific rationale for a patient’s plan of care select interventions that are most likely to yield the desired outcomes use critical thinking to solve problems creatively.
define technical competency: the ability to use and creatively adapt technical equipment define interpersonal competency interact with patients elicit their strengths and abilities work collaboratively with other members of the healthcare team define ethical/legal competency: act morally  be trustworthy be accountable…

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