Managing Human Resources

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Other than that, feedback is also very important. Customers mostly have complaints about something or the other. For this, Internet and wireless technologies very important as it is easy for both the customers and the retailers to have access and so they can easily forward their complaints, suggestions and get feedback from the organization. Even new software’s are available these days that reduce a lot of workload for the employees but the disadvantage of this new technology is that training has to be provided to the employees and it is also reducing the rate of employment.

This is beneficial for the company as they can reduce costs by reducing the number of individuals employed but this is not good for the country’s population. Not only this, but online recruitment can be done using the Internet technology. This saves both the financial costs and the time cost of both the employer and the employee and the company get hire talented people easily. (Perlmutter, Bailey & Netting, 2000). Comparing the two companies, I would choose to buy products and services from

This is because it is more efficient and has more customers because it has better offerings and

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even their website is not difficult to understand. However, the website of target. com is a little more complicated than Wal-mart. com. Furthermore, I would prefer to invest in Wal-mart. com than target. com due to the same reasons I mentioned above. Looking into the future, target. com has a better potential to succeed.

This is because is already well established and has a huge market, plus the customers know about the quality of goods and services they provide with.


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