Management Style and Leadership Styles

Tactical Management Style
Directive & Controlling, Manager Makes Major Decision, Stays In Close Contact With Employees While They Work, Typically Used For Inexperienced Employees Or During A Crisis
Strategic Management Syle
Less Directive With Employees, Involves Team Members With Decision Making, Typically Used With Trusted And/Or Experienced Employees, Limited Direct Supervision
Mixed Management Style
Combination of Both Tatical And Strategic, Effective Managers Can Use Both Styles In Order To Accomodate Different Types Of Employees
Autocratic Leader
Used When A Leader Needs To Give Direct, Clear, And Precise Orders And Making Decisions, Situations To use This Style: During An Emergency, To Direct The Work Of Inexperienced Employees
Democratic Leader
One Who Includes Employees In Decisions, Situations To Use This Style: To Monitor Quality Of Work To Employees, To Direct The Work Of Employees Working As A Team
Open/Laissez-Faire Leader
One Who Gives Little Or No Direction To Employees, To Monitor Achievements And Communicates Regulary With Employee, To Direct The Work Of Experienced And Trained Employees

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